Pug Health Care – Some Chronic Health Diseases

Some of the really exotic as well as sophisticated dog breeds involve Pugs. These are really very cure and can easily attract you to stop and stare them. Their innocent beauty with their adorable features and pampering size makes them really outstanding. Compare to all the other dog breeds the Pugs are considered to be one of the quaintest ones with a simple yet elegant appeal. The history revels that they were formerly the part of the royal families. Their laid back attitude and warmth makes them a common friend of the human beings.

Pugs are really so innocent and thus their small pain also pinches us a lot. Therefore knowing their health problems well in advance is what we all need. You must be surprised to know that what you should look for when you find your dog sick? Coming over to pugs you can say that they can be easily maintained by the normal families but have a huge amount of physical energy which you will generally not find in the other small type breeds. Due to their small face and flat nose they generally suffer from the breathing problems.

These cute dogs have a tendency to bear the fat instantly and thus the bone related health issues are common in their body. They generally suffer brain inflammation but you may face a hard time to diagnose if your pet is healthy. Further we are explaining a few common symptoms seeing which you can confirm that your four legged friend is well or not. So watch out if your cute dog has these problems:

1. Encephalitis disease is the most common health issue associated with the pugs. Mostly the old aged pugs suffer with this kind of inflammatory disease.

2. As the pug grows elder in age the chances of attracting diseases also become stronger. So try to pay regular visit to the vet when your pug is aged as it is a better way to avoid any kind of fatal disease.

3. Hip dysplasia is a common disease in larger dog breeds but you pug can also be a poor victim of it. Here you need to get it to a vet as soon as possible.

Above are some of the chronic diseases that you beloved pooch can suffer thus it is better to take the preventive measures well in advance. A healthy diet, exercises, regular vet visits along with you love and care can make them fit for always.

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