Your Keys to Good Health – Diseases and Vitamin Supplements

Health buffs like to avoid diseases like the plague by taking in a palm-ful of vitamin supplements everyday. But you really shouldn’t be afraid of diseases, and you should actually be more picky about your vitamin supplements. Here are some facts you need to know:

* Disease is a matter of habit

The number one causes of disease are toxicity and stress. When you don’t eat healthy or continuously lack sleep, toxins and stress hormones accumulate to the point that the body reacts suddenly and radically to release eliminate the toxins and stress (this is when you get sick).

Taking in drugs only suppresses the symptoms and gives only temporary relief – the body will be forced to release the toxins in a stronger manner, and you will get sick a worse kind of disease. The common cold is a very good example of this. If you frequently suppress colds with drugs it may become influenza. When suppressed it may become asthma, then skin eruptions and may then produce cancer and severe heart problems.

The next time you have a cold, you might want to simply let it be (no medicine) and instead drink more water and fruit juices.

* Vitamin supplements are not a substitute to a health diet

Take note of the word “supplement”, which means that they only act as support or add to your main source of nutrition. As it is, the vitamins and minerals in your body cannot be absorbed on an empty stomach. Raw fruits and vegetables remain the best sources of vitamins and minerals.

In their synthetic form, vitamins and minerals are difficult to absorb by the body – they have a chemical structure different from nutrients found in raw, unprocessed foods. Most of the nutrients found in synthetic vitamins are eliminated by the body.

* The best vitamin supplements are “chelated”

The best form of vitamin supplements is the chelated ones. Chelated vitamins pass the intestines and into the bloodstream more easily. The minerals in chelated health supplements are bound to amino acids, which are the building blocks of protein.

Chelation helps the minerals move more easily across the intestines and into the body’s blood stream. The body’s cells later draw out these nutrients from the blood. Once they are inside the body’s cells, the vitamins and minerals in your chelated health supplements then promote chemical reactions in the body that are needed for good health.

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Health, Diseases and Immune System Wars!

Those having chosen the red pill are well aware of the ongoing assault on our immune system: Ruling elite aided and abetted with unloving care, dealt with by big medicine in the time-honoured tradition of ignorance, arrogance, ineptitude and quackery… I’m talking about the treatment of disease.

-Let’s put this into perspective. Poor health is caused by

1. Accident and injury


2. by disease

When it comes to the treatment of poor health caused by accident and injury big medicine does some sterling work. For examples, there have been amazing advances in medical technology and its applications such as keyhole surgery; prosthetic limb bionics and child heart transplants…

However, when it comes to the treatment of disease things are not so rosy. Let the facts speak for themselves. Over the years in spite of open cheques for conventional medical research institutions we’ve seen significant rises in heart disease, strokes, cancer, and diabetes with alarmingly increasing rates for children having type 2, then there’s autism which has gone from 1 in 20,000 some 40 years ago to the current statistic of 1 in 68…

The reason for these unqualified failures in getting the figures down?

It’s quite simple really. When health is put into the hands of greed-driven corporations, profits placed above the genuine welfare concern of patients; conventional medicine with its limited drug-based paradigm approach that only treats symptoms, causing side effects leaving potential openings for costly litigation.., this is what you get.

Doctors entered medicine with the intention to preserve or save lives and offer hope. They took the Hippocratic Oath promising to uphold ethical standards…

Does it bother them that their schooling taught them to harm patients starting at infanthood; administering an overpowering number of toxic vaccines to children with an undeveloped immune system, prescribe drugs that cause debilitating side effects or even accidental death, ignore vital life saving information related to nutrition and the mind-body-spirit connection; that which makes up the very fabric of our being..?

Those who can see beyond this dogmatic limited drug-based paradigm approach with its misrepresented narrow science, misguidance and deception… putting out the occasional media headline informing us of the latest disease ‘breakthrough’ but nothing ever comes of it… know in the name of longevity there has to be another way.

Of course, there IS another way.

After all, how long can the human race go on like this? Many are at least administratively well-planned for ill health or the event of death, but how many are actively well-planned for health? According to statistics there are good chances that many of us will not make it to give that retirement speech. Chances are there’ll be a fatal heart attack or stroke before, or get cancer, or 1 in 6 of us will have diabetes, 1 in 3 asthma, 1 in 4 a mental disorder, while 8 out of 10 stand to face the consequences of not exercising as high blood pressure and obesity continues to skyrocket.

The solution

-Having said all that the solution is to realize that the destiny of our health is in our hands. Ignorance is no longer an excuse. All the information needed to do the necessary research and take control is available. The war on our immune system can be won. The answer to health and longevity is in making simple, gradual changes in diet and lifestyle. Then there’s getting active in dealing with a number of environmental problems such as GMO, geo engineering, fracking etc…

Just how many extra healthy years of life this will give you depends on how committed you are to making those simple, gradual changes in diet, lifestyle and ‘health activism.’ Don’t you think your family and friends would love you to be around them longer with those extra miles?

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